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Mouse Works Hats Climbed Mount Everest!

The Mouse Works was hired to make some custom hats for an expedition climbing to the top of Mount Everest.   I made some custom modified Windproof Mountain Hats  and Balaclavas which were worn by various team members on the expedition that summited May 17 2010.   They also used them on a training climb of the neighboring Mount Pumori in October 2009.
The Mouse Works modified windproof mountain hats that they used have a red top and navy band
  Everest Fleece Hat
The Mouse Works balaclava is maroon red.

Summit video
0:35  Kami Sherpa wearing my red Mountain Hat greets Jamie Clarke
1:00  Group shot.   Red/navy Mouse Works hats worn by Kami Sherpa (11th summit) far left,  and Ang Namgyel Sherpa (fifth summit) far right.  

A second Summit video of the finial day.
0:22 Red/navy Mouse Works hats on the way out of camp in dark and 1:47 Kami Sherpa wearing one at the Summit

Camp Three.  My red balaclava was used by Scott for sleeping

Windy Camp 2 video.    More red balaclava shots.
Mouse Works Hats used on training climb on Mount Pumori

Links to expedition websites
The offical expedtion website
Lead climber Jamie Clarke's website
Photographer Scott Simper's website.   I believe all of the video was shot by him.