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Mouse Adventures, Gardens, and Building.


The Mouse Works is more than a Business, it is a lifestyle.  It developed out of a passion for the outdoors and that has remained the central pillar of the business. Keeping the business small allows me the flexibility to garden and take extended sojourns in the mountains. link
We also raise honey bees, mushrooms, veggies, fruits and berries when not making fleece hats

Click on the bolded hikes to see trip photographs.

~ 1994  Virginia on the Appalachian Trail (AT) 550 miles

~1995 Virginia to Maine on the AT 1250 miles

~1996 Georgia to Virginia on the AT 450 miles

~l997 January  Southern Half of Long Trail in Vermont. 

~1997 Maine to Virginia on the AT 1300 miles

~1998 Burney Falls to Mt Whitney CA on the Pacific Crest Trail 750 miles

~1999 Maine to Virginia on roads approx. 1100 miles

~2000 Georgia to Pennsylvania on AT 1200 miles (no camera)

~2001 Long Trail in Vermont  270 miles (no camera)

~2002 Burney Falls CA. to near the Canadian border on the PCT 1200 miles

~2003. The New River/ Kanawha River.  Trade, TN to Kanauga, OH. 400 miles by Kayak.

~2004. The Allegheny Trail.  A N-S trail along the eastern side of WV. 350 miles.

~2005. The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  230 miles

~2005-6 Clearing and Building a New Home for The Mouse Works

~2007 The James River. Kayak trip from the headwaters to the bay.

~2008 Porch Construction

~2012 Walk Across Virginia   I joined my fiancée Laurel Woodworth for parts of her trans Virginia trek.

~Edible Landscaping and Farming Photos

Random Trail Photographs