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Customer Photographs


Helping keep folks warm around the world. 
Please e-mail me photos if you would like them to be added to this page!

fleece dome and mountain hats in spain
Mountain Hat and two Beanie Hats in Andalucía, Spain!

Baby sleeping animal hat
Three Generations at a craft show.    
The youngest is sporting a Baby Animal Hat

Very long vintage santa hat
Super Long Vintage Santa Hat

Kid polar fleece what does the fox say youth hat fun orange
What does the Fox say Hat

polar fleece baby animal bomber hat camping 
Baby Animal Hat on a camping trip.  Virginia

recyled handmade polarfleece animal ear hats mom and baby
Animal Hat and Baby Animal Hat at the LEAF festival

lots of fleece hats in france.   Long stocking, bomber, cloche, beret, mountain, pillbox
Family friends in France sporting all kinds of fun hats!
Couple in Super long vintage santa hats
Super Long Vintage Santa Hats in Pennsylvania

Fleece Beanie hat on a photography expedition in Greenland

Baby Animal
Youth Animal

Baby Joker in Norfolk, VA.

Fleece headband in Afghanistan
Headband in Bagram, Afghanistan!

kids animal ear bomber hat

Painting of the Youth Animal Hat above

Youth Santa Hat in Harrisonburg, VA

Youth Joker 14months

Youth Animal Hats.  
These are grandkids of a fellow artist.  Click on images to see a larger image.

Budapest, Hungary
Eva Veress Enjoying her 85th birthday in 
her new Skirt.  Photo taken by her 
daughter Fruzsina Veress who gave 
her the skirt.

Rolled Beanie hat at the Puget Sound, Washington.

kids fleece balaclava dinosaur hood hat winter
Youth Dinos face off!

 Youth Joker hat at the Clveland Zoo
Youth Joker Hat at the Cleveland Zoo

Kids fleece hat with animal ears
Youth Animal Hat
Charlottesville, VA

Papa Bear Hats in action in Virginia

Baby Jester.

A custom Jester hat for Iggy the iguana!

Fleece Bear Hat hiding in customer's jacket

Baby Gnome Hat

Baby Joker in Norfolk, VA.

Very long stockings seven dwarves hats
A group of Australian guys who are members of the "Better Husbands Club" ordered custom long stocking hats to be the seven dwarves!

Mountain fleece bomber hat in the snow next to a horse
Vintage Mouse Works Mountain Hat.   Julie and her best friend Ann gave me lots of great hat advice during high school lunch hour in 1994.

Warm fleece handmade Cloche and Pillbox hats at the Leaf festival in Black Mountain NC
Pillbox and Cloche hats in use at the LEAF festival.

Adult Starburst on a young child

Black bomber hat in kazakhstan
Mountain hat in ll-e Alatau National Park, Kazakhstan

Black bomber hat in Adirondack snow storm
Hi Ryan,
I thought you might enjoy the attached photo of me wearing your Mountain Hat on the side of Algonquin Peak in the Adirondack mountains, NY earlier this month. The hat did well in the mountains, and also had a successful camping trip north of where I live in Canada. And it's -28C (-18F) outside my house right now, so it's nice to have a well-made warm hat on my side. Thanks for a great product.
-Paul  Ontario, Canada
pillbox hat, scarf and animal hat in afghanistan
Pillbox, Animal Hat and Scarf in Afghanistan

Santa Hats

Baby fleece hat with ears
A responsible citizen in his Baby Animal Hat.

Gnome fleece winter snow hat red and grey
Gnome Hat
action in New York!  
Don't do this at home kids.

Baby Bear Hat

Youth Joker

A Very Long Stocking in France

Rolled Beanie in New Zealand

Youth Mountain Hat

A long time customer gave this braided hat
to a Tibetan refugee, Tenzin Dolma. 
She is a student at the Tibetan Children's
village in northern India.

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Starburst Hat on Child
Another Happy Starburst Customer

Dragon hats
A family in Alberta Canada wearing Dragon Hats


winter fleece skirt in the Italian Alps
Fleece Skirt in Bormio, Italy


childrens fleece dinosaur balaclava hood hat
Youth Dino Balaclava on a 12 month child. 

Dragon and animal fleece hats

Polarfleece dragon fanciful hat


customers in berber cloche fleece winter hats
Cloche Hats